Rules & Guidelines

Due to Covid-19, entering the con as well as any and all activities participated in at the con are based solely on the best judgement of all entrants to the con, who do so of their own volition, based on their own best evaluation. Therefore, Kaotik Freedom Celebration and all of its extensions (people, animate and inanimate objects) or any of its associate entities, (all persons, all governmental bodies, all businesses, or any animate and inanimate objects), takes absolutely no responsibility for an entrants actions and interactions or ramifications that occur at or after the con, in perpetuity. All congoers are responsible for themselves, at all times, for all situations, no exceptions.

All attendees, which includes exhibitors, talent, event staff, sponsors, volunteers, contractors, licensees, and invitees, or anyone connected to the Con in any way, are required to observe and adhere to the following Code of Conduct at all times as a condition of their admission to the convention center and continued participation during the event. By participating in any way (entering the con or being on con premises, partaking in any event, going to panel, etc) with The Kaotik Freedom Celebration, all who do so, fall under the purview of the Con rules and must adhere to them with good faith and a reasonable expectation of having access to Con rules through modern electronic means as well as understanding their meaning.

Behavior/Personal Conduct: Attendees must be courteous to and tolerant of all persons, respectful of the property of others, and abstain from conduct causing or likely to cause damage, harm, or offense. Activities of any kind preventing free movement of other attendees, causing a nuisance, or otherwise disrupting the event – such as throwing items, use of projectiles, fighting, assault, harassment, loud shouting/amplified sound, vulgarity, lewd conduct, and abusive profanity or behavior, or any behavior deemed by event staff or management as causing any issue whatsoever – is prohibited. No rice, confetti, glitter, hay, or sawdust is permitted on the premises.

 Bladed/Pointed Weapons: Attendees in possession of a bladed weapon will not be allowed to enter the convention center. The term “bladed weapons” includes pointed weapons as well as swords, daggers, switchblades, machetes, scissors, razor blades, needles, icepicks, axes, hatchets, chainsaws, saws, pickaxes, edged/pointed martial arts weapons, sickles, scythes, spears, pikes, polearms, halberds, arrows, throwing stars, caltrops, and other items featuring a sharpened edge or point or any item deemed inadmissible by con staff or administration. Attendees who choose to purchase a weapon of any kind or type from a licensed exhibitor, if available, are prohibited from tampering with or removing security measures, such as zip ties, or removing such items from their sealed box or packaging.

Cosplay/Costume Rules: As The Kaotik Freedom Celebration is a family-friendly event, attendees must ensure that their costumes are appropriate in all respects. Nudity, thongs, body paint/sheer material in lieu of appropriate clothing, and hate symbols (such as swastikas), are prohibited. Shoes must be worn at all times. Military, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, government agent, or similarly themed costumes must be easily distinguishable from modern, official uniforms. Oversized costumes and props are discouraged and may be prohibited.

Harassment: Harassment on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, age, religion, physical appearance, or other characteristic is prohibited. While an exhaustive list is impractical, harassment can take one or more of the following forms: Offensive behavior or verbal comments; vulgarity; lewd conduct; hate speech; threats or intimidation; assault; inappropriate physical contact; stalking; display of offensive images; non-consensual photography or recording; hate symbols; intentional disruption of sessions or other event activities; or unwelcome attention. Attendees should report any observed, experienced, or otherwise apparent incident of harassment immediately to the nearest-available security or event personnel.

Prohibited Items: Skateboards; hoverboards; skates; rollerblades; bicycles; helium balloons; drones/UAVs; illegal narcotics; drug paraphernalia; confetti; firecrackers; explosives; flammable liquids; incendiary devices; scooters/wheeled vehicles other than ADA mobility assistance devices; handcarts; lasers; stilts measuring 24 inches or more; luggage; roller bags; coolers; and other items likely to create and nuisance or cause injury or damage to persons or property (as determined by management) are not allowed in the con.

Smoking/Vaping/Tobacco/Flame: Smoking, vaping and use of smokeless tobacco products is prohibited. NO SMOKING IN CITY FACILITIES OR WITHIN 15 FT. OF ENTRY DOORS. No open flames or wax candles. NO SPARKLERS OR FIREWORKS.

Use of Image: Attendees acknowledge that they will, and expressly consent to be, filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded as a condition of attendance during the Con. By entering the event premises, each Attendee relinquishes any reasonable expectation of privacy and grants to The Kaotik Freedom Celebration an irrevocable, royalty and attribution-free right to use, publish and otherwise exploit (and allow others to use and otherwise exploit) any photograph, motion picture, image, recording, or any other record of attendance during the Con, in whole or in part, in perpetuity throughout the universe and beyond, in all media and means, now known or hereafter developed or discovered, for any promotional or other commercial purpose.

Violation: Any violation of this Code of Conduct, as determined by event management in its sole direction, is grounds for immediate removal from the event premises and the civic center, whether observed personally by event staff or reported by a third party. Event management may, but shall have no obligation to, allow an offending Attendee the opportunity to immediately correct their behavior before requiring their removal. Any Attendee removed from the event will not be allowed to have any access whatsoever to the Con in any way, unless expressly deemed necessary by Con management.