Kaotik Freedom Celebration
Jun 25, 10:00 AM CDT – Jun 26, 5:00 PM CDT
Lake Jackson,
333 TX-332, Lake Jackson, TX 77566, USA


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Chuck Huber

Voice Actor

Chuck Huber is a actor, writer, director, and producer. He is most notable as a voice actor for many, many, many characters of various games and anime. His most recent in a long list include Android 17, Emperor Pilaf and Kibita of the "Dragonball" franchise, Kurogiri in "My Hero Academia", Jajuka in "Escaflowne", Kuro in "Servamp", Kuniharu in "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K", Asanaga in "Endride", Kyūta's Father in "The Boy and Beast",  Tony Stark in "Death Battle", and Jason the Toymaker in "Creepy". His career started with DBZ. IMDB has him listed with 281 credits since 1986.


For the Geek in All of Us

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Kaotik Cow Collectibles

Author/Crafter/Avid Geek

Shane Michael Lassetter is a local author of geeks vs. zombies books under the brand Kaotik Cow. His mind continues to leak out as books, shirt designs, crafts, and currently, this convention.

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Comics & Toys

Floyd's is a providers of comics, toys, and so much more. He can be seen at many a convention with boxes and boxes of comics.



Toys N More

Toys, games, clothing, & more available at any point in time.





June 25, 2022



June 26, 2022



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